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An easy way to make transparent picture control in MFC

28/01/2009 4 comments

I’m going to describe the way to make a transparent picture box control in MFC (Smart Device application). It worked well on Windows CE, and it should also be fine on Win32 application.

The key function is TransparentImage. Using it, you will see that the job is pretty simple…

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Sending SMS message in Windows CE

15/01/2009 31 comments

Download the source code

Today I will show the way to send SMS message in Windows CE and Windows Mobile, using C++ and P/Invoke in .NET CF. It’s pretty simple…

In Windows CE environment, SMS fuction is handled by “sms.dll”, but in Windows Mobile 2005 and later, it’s handled (in a much more simpler way) by “cemapi.dll”. The “cemapi.dll” is not documented very well, in the other hand, you can find lots of information about “sms.dll” on MSDN.

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Scrolling PropertyPage in MFC

26/11/2008 Comments off

This piece of code can make a propertyPage scroll smoothly in MFC. It’s really easy to use…

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Some stuff with media in WM

Trong namespace Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Forms có các lớp sau:

– CameraCaptureDialog

– SelectPictureDialog

– ChooseContactDialog

Vẫn đang tìm cách làm việc tương tự trong native code.

Update: Hình như WinCE có API SHCameraCapture, GetOpenFileNameEx… j j đó. Xong cái này!