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Sending SMS message in Windows CE

15/01/2009 31 comments

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Today I will show the way to send SMS message in Windows CE and Windows Mobile, using C++ and P/Invoke in .NET CF. It’s pretty simple…

In Windows CE environment, SMS fuction is handled by “sms.dll”, but in Windows Mobile 2005 and later, it’s handled (in a much more simpler way) by “cemapi.dll”. The “cemapi.dll” is not documented very well, in the other hand, you can find lots of information about “sms.dll” on MSDN.

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Scrolling PropertyPage in MFC

26/11/2008 Comments off

This piece of code can make a propertyPage scroll smoothly in MFC. It’s really easy to use…

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How to programmatically establish GPRS connection in .NET CF

This is a simple way to establish GPRS connection in .NET CF using RAPI. Remember to check “Allow unsafe Code Blocks” option in project properties page!
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Mouse Events for WebBrowser control in .NET CF

13/07/2008 3 comments

This is my first contribution on codeproject. If you like it, feel free to comment and… vote here.

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