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Windows Server 2008 and FreeBSD 7.0 RELEASE dual boot

I want to put both WinServer 2008 and FreeBSD 7.0 on my laptop. In my first try, I installed WinServer 2k8 first, then installed FreeBSD with the option that let the FreeBSD edit Master Boot Record. After that stupid choice, I lost my Win Server partition. When boot up, Windows said that the winload was fail. Well…

The solution is:

1. Install WinServer 2008.

2. Install FreeBSD with the option that untouch the MBR.

3. After that, your computer eill reboot into FreeBSD. Not straight, ’cause the FreeBSD’s partition is active now. You have to reboot by a boot CD and use a Disk Partition tool (e.g. PQMagic …) to set the WinServer partiton to Active.

4. After reboot into WinServer, use EasyBCD and add a new entry into the BCD:
EasyBCD with FreeBSD
5. Reboot. All done. You will have two among the most powerful Server OSs on your PC.