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I am currently having some fancy ideas about various topics that I can dive in. The bad news is I have too little time for them right now, so although I intended to start very soon, but I’m not sure when I can really dig into these messes.

These ideas are very straightforward:

1. Security in Cloud computing, data mining/querying on encrypted databases and practical facts.

This idea came to me in the RIVF conference last month. The general consideration is how can we trust the Cloud service provider (i.e. Windows Azure, Amazon Web Service…) that they will not steal our data, how much our data is secured? When we performing queries, how can we know if the provider is faithful enough?

One of possible solutions is encrypting the data before sending it to the provider. The problem hence raise, since how could we do data mining, query “our” encrypted data which are stored on provider’s infrastructure?

This is really a hard (and interesting!) problem, and it draws many attentions from academic scholars. It is pretty useful to apply the academic idea on commercial service like Windows Azure or AWS…

2. The second idea comes from my experiences on GPU computing with CUDA.

DirectCompute has been announced in PDC 2009, and it seems promising in cross-platform GPU computing. Nonetheless, the documentation of DirectCompute seems to be lacking (even on MSDN DirectX). I want to dig into DirectCompute, perform some benchmarks to check it performance, and then comparing with CUDA or OpenCL. I believe this will point out some interesting conclusions.

So if one of the readers of this blog would like to investigate to these problems, please contact me. I’m not sure this will lead to anywhere, but at least it can help you improving some skills 😉


Undefined behavior in C and C++

19/08/2010 3 comments

Another great article diving into the mess of standard C/C++ and describing the basic concepts which are often ignored by programmers.

Nonetheless, I have just read part 1. Have no time for this right now. Place it here as a bookmark, read later…

MSP Tech Passion

23/02/2009 5 comments

Today I had a presentation about Functional Programming in .NET with C# and F# at Microsoft Vietnam office, according to the MSP Tech Passion conference series. Everything is OK, and I think the audience gets somewhat exciting with my presentation.

I have uploaded the slide and demo source code here. Fell free to comment and discuss about this.

What can you do with MS SmallBasic

I spent my rarely free time before the Lunar New Year holiday by playing with SmallBasic – one of more interesting tools introduced by Microsoft. Just another easy tool for newbies, and at the first sight, I was really skeptical. SmallBasic just has less than 15 keywords, and I can’t imagine anything I can do with it…

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Vô tình đọc dc cái này, học dc cách phỏng vấn nhân sự, hehe…

May mà có người tốt bụng dịch lại, ko thì chắc cũng chả siêng ngồi đọc từ đầu đến cuối :))

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Kiến trúc Intel Nehalem

Dù chip Core i7 – sản phẩm đầu tiên thuộc dòng Nehalem – vẫn chưa được Intel ra mắt tại VN, nhưng mình đã đọc một số thông tin về nó, và thật sự đó là một thiết kế đáng ngưỡng mộ. Mình ghi lại một số cải tiến của Nehalem so với dòng Core tiền bối…

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10 Useful Techniques To Improve Your User Interface Designs

Lại thêm 1 bài báo nữa về UI design, nhưng h thì lười wá, không copy nữa (mà cũng chưa đọc hết dc nó), nên đặt tạm cái link đây vậy: